The overall interest in the technology is incrementing and the communities of music artists and CryptoArt collectors are growing at an expeditious pace. 12 NFT Music Platforms You Need To Try

These processes are withal reflected in the quantity of incipient music NFT platforms and the variety of offerings, approaches and long-term aims they have. As a result, we have decided to update and elongate our list of The Best Music NFT Rialtos and cover more music NFT-oriented platforms.


Sound is a music NFT emporium that provides a suite of web3 native and economic implements for engenderers, sanctioning them to customize their offerings and incorporate most of the recent innovations within the NFT world. Artists can publish musical compositions, sell NFTs with a variety of royalty splits, and additionally build governance structures operated by tokens around their brand.

Sound’s organizational aim is about rectifying the issues associated with the economics of the music business and artist attribution. 12 NFT Music Platforms You Need To Try

  • Type of blockchain: Ethereum
  • Payment type: Crypto and Fiat
  • Platform fees: You pay your gas fees
  • Who is it perfect for?: Independent artists who have a vision and optate to take the next step
  • Secondary sales: No platform commissions on secondary sales


Pianity is a music NFT platform built on the environmentally convivial Arweave technology that consumes up to 100 times less energy than ETH. The sole focus of Pianity is about showcasing artists’ constrained edition tracks and exclusive amassments.

There are additionally other advantages in place as you don’t have any minting cost or gas fees, whereas 20% of the primary sale goes to the platform itself. 12 NFT Music Platforms You Need To Try

  • Type of blockchain: Arweave
  • Payment types: Both Crypto and Fiat currencies
  • Platform fees: 20% of the primary sale


The way the protocol works is very simple – after a one-time transaction fee, which depends on the size of the uploaded file, artists can upload aeonian music releases to the blockchain-predicated platform and plenarily customize the price, edition size and secondary resale engenderer commission percentage.

In a nutshell, Nina is a highly customizable implement that sanctions you to even simply host music, sell digital editions or build a patronage mechanism by providing unique content.

  • Type of blockchain: Solana + Arweave for data storage
  • Payment types: ETH, USDC
  • Platform fees: Just the first initialization one-off fee which depends on the size of the files
  • Who is it perfect for?: More tech savvy engenderers that want to host their music without a particular predilection for a single platform


Decent is a music NFT platform fixated on crowdfunding and community building around musical art. The main focus of the platform lies in promoting the NFTs that are collateralized by musician’s royalties.

Furthermore, Decent introduced an intriguing economic structure on their platform – the royalties received by the collectors are earning interest for the duration of the commitment period, by being locked in Decent’s time-locked wallet perspicacious contracts. As a consequence of that, the expected value of the accrued royalties can ascend if the artist increases in popularity what would ineluctably drive secondary sales of artists’ NFTs up or down. 12 NFT Music Platforms You Need To Try

After the royalty period has commenced – fans gratuitously receive a NFT that grants access to the artist’s community, representing an extra communal value even after you are not the holder of the pristine token.

  • Type of blockchain: ETH
  • Payment types: ETH, USDC
  • Platform fees: You pay around 0.05 – 0.2ETH ($50-$220) to mint an NFT
  • Who is it perfect for?: Engenderers looking to build an active community around their art and make their fans financially involved
  • Secondary sales: Customizable

Async Art

The platform initially commenced by fixating on digital paintings only, but has recently incorporated the generative music side as well, becoming a rialto with a unique concept within the field of music NFTs.

The way it operated pristinely was by fixating on digital paintings split into soi-disant “Layers” that you can buy, utilize and program to affect the overall image. What transpires is that over time the art evolves by reacting to the user’s actions, price changes and other processes transpiring on the platform.

Each Stem has multiple variants to cull from and sundry supplemental layers are always updating the appearance of the music and artwork, making it a communal perpetually evolving audiovisual art.

  • Type of blockchain: ETH
  • Payment types: Fiat Currency + ETH
  • Platform fees: 20% of the primary sale and 1% of all secondary sales
  • Who is it perfect for?: Engenderers that want to experiment and be a component of the collective generative art process
  • Secondary sales: 10% to the engenderer


Catalog is one of the music NFT platforms that additionally fixates on engendering a more equitable music system. The emporium itself represents a digital record shop and a music community which is built on sales and resales of one-off exclusive digital records.

The way it works is that artists genuinely amass 100% of their initial sales and can set the secondary sale fees themselves. On top of that Catalog offers a fascinating option where the engenderer can withal allocate a secondary sale fee to the incipient owner as well, thus engendering a number of token holders that will be aeonianly earning from the resales of the NFT together with the artist themselves. 12 NFT Music Platforms You Need To Try

  • Type of blockchain: Ethereum
  • Payment types: ETH
  • Platform fees: No fees
  • Who is it perfect for?: Artists fascinated with building a fanbase community over their art
  • Secondary sales: Customizable


At the moment Glass is astronomically selective in their music video curation and favors more immensely colossal caliber artists in order to perpetuate building a vigorous brand.

The platform is built on both ETH and Solana and stores the videos via Arweave which implicatively insinuates a number of direct and indirect costs cognate to the minting process. The way it works at Glass is that you pay a certain minute upfront Arweave cost and cover the cost of minting yourself.

That cost could transmute drastically depending on the size of the video and which blockchain is utilized. The rialtos takes 10% of the primary sale. And sanctions for the NFTs to be sold as both auctions and series.

  • Type of blockchain: Ethereum + Solana before
  • Payment types: ETH + fiat currency before
  • Platform fees: 10% of the primary sale before
  • Who is it perfect for?: Artists fascinated with monetizing before their music videos
  • Secondary sales: Customizable before

Mint Musical Compositions

Mint Musical compositions is a music NFT platform that has received a lot of accolade for its custom-tailored approach where each individual campaign is engendered concretely according to the artist’s vision, needs and specifics. The platform itself is community curated and fixates on exclusive 1/1 NFT sales. 

One of the latest innovations of the platform is a prelude of the incipient “link in bio” app that portrays artists. NFT drops and amassments. 12 NFT Music Platforms You Need To Try

  • Payment types: Fiat currency and Crypto
  • Platform fees: 0% fees
  • Secondary sales: Customizable


The vision of the rialto is about further revolutionizing a tech-amicable electronic music scene. And they do it by issuing digital packs that are later sold as NFTs.

The packs themselves include exclusive before sounds, video clips, visuals, behind-the-scenes content and other exclusive offerings from the artist. To luxurious exclusive drops by immensely before colossal artists.

  • Type of blockchain: FLOW
  • Payment types: Fiat currency, BTC, ETH
  • Platform fees: Primary sale fee (depends on before the size of the pack)
  • Secondary sales: Customizable


SoundMint is another platform that fixates on a generative coalescence of musical stems. And visual layers that blend themselves into audiovisual pieces. 12 NFT Music Platforms You Need To Try

  • Type of blockchain: Solana
  • Payment types: Fiat currency and Crypto
  • Platform fees: Primary sale fee

Sturdy Exchange

The platform avails all artists with their relinquishments before and is currently profoundly selective with their invitations.

The unique selling point of Sturdy Exchange is that they implement plenarily customizable royalty structures for every individual drop and sanction you to pay via fiat currency and a simple before bank transfer.

  • Type of blockchain: FLOW before
  • Payment types: Fiat currency and Crypto before
  • Platform fees: % fee on both primary and secondary sales
  • Secondary sales: Customizable before


Zora is an NFT rialto protocol much before akin to Nina. The protocol ascertains instant cross-platform royalty payments and markets itself as a very gas efficient before protocol with zero fees. 12 NFT Music Platforms You Need To Try

Zora has its own primary rialto before where users can list NFTs. Even though most NFTs sold on its protocol do take place on third party sites.