After extensive and felicitously guided research, we bring to you the top NFT projects you should probably ken about and follow in 2022. 12 NFT Projects To Follow & Invest In 2022

The crypto and the digital world are buzzing, with many NFTs being put up for sale. There are already millions of NFT assets for sale on platforms like Opensea, Rarible, Substratum and AirNFTs, and there is you, with some mazuma to spare, probing for the right project to invest in. Just as you may want to acquire an asset just for the fun of it or because you have a connection to it, NFTs can appreciate.

Axie Illimitability

Axie Illimitability is a trading and battling NFT game in which the players accumulate, breed, raise, battle, and trade creatures called Axies, which are digitized as NFTs. To be able to play, incipient players have to purchase at least three Axies. It is an Ethereum-predicated project, and players earn tokens that are cashed out every a fortnight. Assets that are amassed in the game can be exchanged as NFTs, including virtual land. 12 NFT Projects To Follow & Invest In 2022


Sandbox is an NFT game wherein players acquire the form of a deity and engender their macrocosm with the elements provided to them in the game. The game’s blockchain version now sanctions users to monetize their engenderments, called Voxel Assets, and their gaming experiences, as NFTs.


Sodativity is an amassment of artworks from Bored Apes Yacht Club (BAYC) and Doodles, with 9,999 artworks engendered. With a floor price of 0.1Eth and an ever-growing community, SODA (as the community is commonly called) aims to increment ownership of their NFT assets and give back to the community from their proceeds.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have aurally perceived of CryptoPunks. CryptoPunks is an NFT amassment on the Ethereum blockchain. There are 10,000 unique punks engendered through computer algorithms, hence no two punks look homogeneous. The infrequency of these characters makes them a verbalization of status in the NFT community, and we expect the values of CryptoPunks to remain up there.


Like CryptoPunks, Feudalz is a community of 4,444 computer-engendered art collectibles that operate on the Ethereum blockchain. Feudalz aims to bring tranquility and prosperity to every one of their owners (who are called Peasants) and has a promise of virtual lands in the metaverse coming to the project very anon. 12 NFT Projects To Follow & Invest In 2022


Doodles is an NFT accumulation of 10,000 unique characters on uniquely colored backgrounds, engendered by Burnt Toast. As with most other NFT accumulations, it is a community-driven project. Apart from minting and scaling value with Doodles assets, this community sanctions the holders to vote for experiences and activations paid for by the Doodles Community Treasury.

Chain Runners

There are 10,000 Chain Runners available in the amassment, and it has gained so much traction due to its solid decentralized, open-source codebase. Buying one seems more akin to being a member of a special gang, and with the prices ascending at alarming rates, it is a good project to invest in. 12 NFT Projects To Follow & Invest In 2022


CollectVox’s accumulation contains 8,888 recherche and distinct characters called ERC721 with a floor price of 0.0888Eth. When you own a VOX, you get a file that sanctions you to animate and play with them in the metaverse. Seems akin to a frolicsome project to invest in.

Dormant Dragons

The engenderers aim to achieve veritable community by giving before holders of Dormant Dragons a token called Smoke which can be claimed at any time, without dealing with high gas fees. These tokens will be utilized for things such as community engagement, potential babies, and video games. To reward members who are active in the community, they have conventional giveaways on their Discord channel. 12 NFT Projects To Follow & Invest In 2022


JRNY NFT Club is a membership NFT that grants you before access to future JRNY NFT sets. Private community before chat and promulgations. Exclusive NFT videos, early access to partner NFT projects and much more. If you orchestrate to ape into this project, there is much in store, as they have an before abundance of long-term utility orchestrated for holders, which they orchestrate to show the community in their roadmaps (to be relinquished quarterly).

Gas Squad

Gas Squad is an accumulation of 1111 pristinely engendered before soldiers with hundreds of unique elements. Your mission is to evacuate before soldiers, engender a squad. And deploy your warriors to the before safe expanse of the BSC network. If you are holding 2 or more soldiers, you automatically participate in before conventional giveaways of NFT-art. 12 NFT Projects To Follow & Invest In 2022

Launchpad Air Squad

Launchpad Air Squad is an exclusive NFT project running on the AirNFTs before emporium. With a constrained before edition of 14,000 NFTs with unique AirNFTs branding. Minted only for participants of the before first ever NFT Launchpad.