The crypto space has come a long way since Bitcoin was first mined in 2009. Today, there are more than 2,000 coins and tokens on the market with new ones being issued every day. Today we are going to have a look at the top 20 crypto coins to buy now in 2022. Some of these coins have succeeded in delivering tangible value to their users, while others have turned out to be scams. The ones that have delivered on their promises have performed before spectacularly well in the market. 20 Crypto Coins To Buy In 2022


The digital currency that is being used these days for trading and investment purposes is cryptocurrency. However, they are playing the role of the financial instrument in the digital market these days. Crypto is a digital currency used as the medium of exchange in the digital market without any centralized authority before like government, banks, or nationalities. There is no before uphold on the crypto coins to buy now to maintain it as it exists in the physical world through government or banks.

So the trading or exchanges of financial transactions in the cryptocurrency are done by a decentralized network. But to maintain the decentralized network, they use blockchain technology which is a distributed ledger or the financial maintained by disparate networks of various individual computers. The graph has been designed to predict the market structure, and the trading lines show the ups and downtrends of the market. Accordingly, the rapid development of cryptocurrencies shows the new economic and financial markets development which is many more times beneficial than the traditional economy.

Uses of Cryptocurrency

As we are using the traditional money which we need to hold every time under some centralized authority is difficult to transact. On the same side, cryptocurrency is more easily accessible for individuals, faster money transfer with less chance of the resilient to the system and transaction failure. Crypto assets are a new phenomenon in the market that is not yet standardized by a comprehensive framework for determining market valuations. Crypto assets valuation may be developed in the mature markets once they start existing. In fact, the existing valuation of the cryptocurrency is mainly driven by speculation, which makes this an ideal field to play for technical analysts.

However, the use of cryptocurrency gives us more speed to our transactions internationally, in the game of minutes you can use the transacted items. Moreover, the transaction cost of the cryptocurrency is less in the international market than the other money transfers charge due to their decentralized system. And the other advantage of using cryptocurrency is security, privacy in your crypto coins to buy now, transparency in the transaction system, inflation protection, and unbanked accessibility to the users where no central authority exists.

20 Most Famous Crypto Coins

The most famous crypto coins in the market and their market cap, volume, and amount are given below:

Bitcoin (BTC)

Price: $44,011

Market cap: $808 billion

Volume: 603,786 BTC

Accordingly, the most popular coin in the cryptocurrency era is the bitcoin used as the reference for trading in the digital market since 2017.

Ethereum (ETH)

Price: $3,112

Market cap: $360 billion

Volume: 5,560,850 ETH

Accordingly, Ethereum is the name of the platform for the cryptocurrency which is the second most known coin recognized in the crypto space. However, the smart contract aspect of Ethereum helps it to become a popular currency in crypto.

Tether (USDT)

Price: $1.00

Market cap: $81 billion

Volume: 77,796,823,557 USDT

In the same way, Tether’s price is $1 per coin, due to which this coin is known as a stable coin. This coin mostly plays the part of a medium which have been used to move from one cryptocurrency to another rather than moving back to the $.

Binance Coin (BNB)

Price: $405.66

Market cap: $67 billion

Volume: 4,908,458 BNB

Accordingly, the cryptocurrency issued by Binance is Binance Coin; however, it is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the crypto space created to pay discounted tokens in trades but is now used for purchasing as well.


Price: $1.00

Market cap: $53 billion

Volume: 3,928,710,797 USDC

In the same way, USD Coin is a stable coin like Tether, equivalent to the dollar which means a non-fluctuate coin. However, the USD coin is backed by “equivalent fair value” which is regulated by US institutions.


Price: $0.8397

Market cap: $40 billion

Volume: 1,929,347,670 XRP

Accordingly, XRP is formally known as Ripples and was created for the first time in 2012. However, XRP is more useful in cross-border transactions.

Terra (LUNA)

Price: $93.14

Market cap: $34 billion

Volume: 27,615,711 LUNA

Terra is a platform that helps to stabilize the price of stable coins based on the existing world and real currencies like the dollar and euro.

Cardano (ADA)

Price: $0.9674

Market cap: $33 billion

Volume: 1,013,248,553 ADA

Accordingly, Cardano is a cryptocurrency platform popular for using smart contracts and enabling identity management.

Solana (SOL)

Price: $92.55

Market cap: $30 billion

Volume: 25,500,403 SOL

Specifically, Solana is a newer cryptocurrency introduced in March 2020 and known for its speed in completing transactions.

Avalanche (AVAX)

Price: $85.74

Market cap: $23 billion

Volume: 16,214,229 AVAX

Just as above, Avalanche focused on building decentralized apps at low cost and fast speed. In fact, It facilitates the creation of custom Blockchain to provide transactions in the AVAX token.

Polkadot (DOT)

Price: $21.31

Market cap: $20 billion

Volume: 68,400,796 DOTS

Again, Polkadot is a digital currency launched in May 2020. However, Polkadot connects the technology of blockchain with many different cryptocurrencies.

Binance USD (BUSD)

Price: $1.00

Market cap: $18 billion

Volume: 5,485,966,227 BUSD

Accordingly, Binance USD is a stable coin (as well) from the top crypto exchange Binance. After it is dollar-backed due to its stability in partnership with Paxos and is one of the top Blockchain. 20 Crypto Coins To Buy In 2022


Price: $1.00

Market cap: $16,529,982,085

Volume: 451,908,599 UST

Accordingly, Terra USD is a decentralized stable coin running attempts to maintain a value of US$1.00.

Shib Inu “SHIB”

Price: $0.00002614

Market cap: $14,360,264,872

Volume: 38,929,658,080,461 SHIB

Accordingly, Shiba Inu works as decentralized technology used to run smart applications and contracts.

Polygon “MATIC”

Price: $1.67

Market cap:$13,019,244,566

Volume: 443,073,446 MATIC

Accordingly, the token of the Polygon MATIC platform was used to secure and govern the polygon networks and to pay transaction dues.

Wrapped Bitcoin “WBTC”

Price: $46,215.02 before

Market cap: $12,737,007,274

Volume: 441 WBTC

Accordingly, Wrapped Bitcoin WBTC is a modified form of bitcoin ranging with the same prices and helps to work on Ethereum, and is used to create small contracts. 20 Crypto Coins To Buy In 2022

Cronos “CRO”

Price: $0.4845

Market cap: $12,235,292,653

Volume: 195,846,700 CRO

Same as above, Cronos “CRO” is a native crypto coin that also works as a decentralized blockchain in which payment is done via card crypto card or VISA pay.

NEAR Protocol “NEAR”

Price: $16.95

Market cap: $11,267,949,681

Volume: 90,794,030 NEAR

Accordingly, NEAR Protocol “NEAR is used to pay the transaction fee and help to create a friendly environment.

Dai “DAI”

Price: $.999

Market cap: $9,507,930,641

Volume: 284,839,262 DAI

Accordingly, Dai “DAI” is always working as a stabilizer by keeping the stable crypto coins to buy now value equal to the USD dollars and works with the smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. 20 Crypto Coins To Buy In 2022

Cosmos “ATOM”

Price: $32.10

Market cap: $9,191,914,171

Volume: 49,157,230 Atoms

Also, Cosmo’s “ATOM” is used for spending, staking, and maintaining the interoperability between all zones in the wider Cosmos network of the blockchain.