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Who We Are?

We inform, help and make the people discover NFTs, Metaverse, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

At Neftivity We make an effort to provide updates and latest information about NFTs. As they are the unique, easily traceable and usable Digital Goods. They are used to represent the the real-world items in the form of art as Digital goods. And are being used as the method of exchanging tokens that links to a Digital asset.

Our Blog section is specially made for the people who are curious about NFTs, Metaverse or Blockchain. You’ll find the up to date information about these three here at Neftivity. Here at Neftivity, Hardworking and Passionate team always works to provide you with the newest updates about NFT and Marketplaces.

Our Vision:

The vision is as clear as a glass to provide you with the up to date information about NFT world and to provide you the best of the bestest NFT’s to buy to represent your ownership for the real world items as Art.

In 2017, the world had seen CryptoKitties but they seems to be toys to many. But now after the Launch of metaverse, People have recognized the real value of these Digital goods. In 2020, We launched ourselves as the best platform for the people just like you who are eagerly curious to know What the hell NFT is? And Why people are spending millions dollars to buy and image? What the heck is this metaverse and Why have they launched it?

Now we are proud to be the top leading platform for the curious people just like you to provide with the valuable content about your queries.

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For Business Enquiries Mail us at: neftivity@gmail.com