This ostensibly facile question is rather tricky to expound. In recent times there has been a sizably voluminous buildup and hype about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and digital artworks ecumenical. Thanks to NFTs, digital artists are determinately getting the apperception they deserve. However, keeping aside the genre of crypto arts, can we convert physical art into Non Fungible Tokens? Can I convert Physical Art into NFT?

There may be articles and letters where you get a right answer instantly. However, there’s certainly more to the fact. In this blog, we will explore the conception of converting and selling physical art into NFTs and how worthy the process authentically is.

Possible to Convert Physical Art to NFT

If you contemplate it, the answer is both a Yes and No. Now, if I ask you again if you authentically converted your physical art into a digital one, you might be hesitant to answer. This is because the picture that you snapped is only a digital version of the physical art and not the authentic one. So if you are a believer in authenticity, you are liable to answer the question negatively.

So, what should I do?

As mentioned above, you can snap a picture of your physical engenderment and tokenize it. It might not hold the same essence and value as that of the pristine physical art but hey, an average person in today’s time spends eight-and-a-half hours a day online.

Do I Get The Same Value?

This is a controversial question and it pristinely depends on the tastes of the buyer community. In this scenario, the value of that artwork as an NFT will be not is more than its physical amount. On the other hand, your art might seem homogeneous to a piece of child splay to the offline art enthusiasts but maybe the most astronomically immense hype of the century within the NFT metaverse. Take the case of CryptoPunks for example. Would you pay $ 5.3 million if somebody drew it manually and gave it to you as an arbitrary present? Culls and trends matter!!

How Can I Sell My Physical Art as Non Fungible Tokens?

The more unique and intriguing your NFT is, the more is the chance for it to sell for exponential magnitudes. For this to transpire, there are three potential ways through which you can increment the value of your physical arts as well as NFTs. Tokenize your artwork and eradicate the pristine piece.

Devoted artists might find this method very unsavory. But an NFT can never be unique as long as there is a physical version of it present for people to visually examine. One of the ways is to ravage the physical version once you have culminated listing the artwork as an NFT.

Send the physical art to your buyer as a beneficiary with the NFT.

This is a very good conception but a controversial one as not all physical artworks are possible to be sent to the buyers. In general, quoting a high price to the NFT and sending the artwork to the buyer as a customary avails in both selling. The physical artwork as well as providing the buyer with a supplemental gift to his/her NFT purchase.

Possible to Convert Physical Art to NFT

Tokenize a hidden word within a microchip and put it inside your digital art.

This seems more akin to a spy job than an artist’s responsibility. But affirmative, you can tokenize a minute code, message or anything and place it inside a microchip. It’s a fresh conception and can additionally avail maintain the credibility of the physical artwork among the viewers. Fun fact, in this way you can withal keep a track of the location of your art and previse potential felonious activities.

End Notes

It’s your art and your cull. Keep on probing for innovative ways to coalesce your physical art with your NFTs so that both you and your buyers retain more value from the exchange.

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