Minting NFTs on Binance Perspicacious Chain (BSC) can be very remuneratively lucrative and AirNFTs is here to make the process even more facile. Create And Sell Your Own NFTs On BSC

Minting NFTs on Binance Astute Chain (BSC) can be very remuneratively lucrative and AirNFTs is here to make the process even more facile. Discover the smoothest way to engender NFTs on BSC.

Create And Sell Your Own NFTs

In the unending series of mouth-opening headlines on NFTs, we have visually perceived numerous digital artists make brobdingnagian returns from their artworks. From the 18-year-old artist who sold his piece for half a million dollars to the famous digital artist, Beeple, who sold one of his pieces for virtually $70 million just last month, it is pellucid that the NFT business is a very lucrative one.

While Ethereum-predicated NFT rialtos have made waves over the years, BSC, with its non compos mentis transaction speed and ridiculously frugal gas fees, is poised to propel the NFT market even further. This short piece will guide you on how to mint NFTs on BSC. Create And Sell Your Own NFTs On BSC


The road to engendering and listing your NFT on Binance Keenly before intellective Chain is the smoothest and most expeditious one. The requisites for engendering an NFT are just two — a blockchain and a BEP20-compatible wallet. Since we’re joining the BSC wagon, you require only connect your wallet to a BSC-predicated NFT platform to commence engendering.

Engendering On BSC With Neftivity

AirNFTs is a simple, utilizer-amicable NFT platform on BSC that has gargantuan potential to enrich digital artists and drive the ingenious industry forward. You can engender your NFT for a very frugal fee and list it on the growing rialto within seconds.

There are two BSC-compatible wallets with in-built web 3.0 browsers you can utilize to access the rialto — MetaMask or Trust Wallet. Your wallet connects, and your BNB balance automatically reflects on AirNFTs as anon as you visit the page utilizing either dApp browser.

AirNFTs currently sanctions digital engenderers to mint artworks, memes, punks, or even screenshots of tweets. The maximum size is 10MB. Create And Sell Your Own NFTs On BSC

How to utilize NFTs with Metamask BSC Configuration

Download Metamask (mobile/desktop)

Go to settings in metamask and set up incipient before network name “Binance Perspicacious Chain”


Chain ID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL

Top up your metamask with BNB and commence minting NFTs on BSC. Create And Sell Your Own NFTs On BSC


Trust Wallet doesnt have to be configured you just join from Trust Wallet Browser and commence engendering NFTs.

How to engender your own NFTs on BSC

Tokenizing your artworks on AirNFTs utilizing Utilizing MetaMask or Trust wallet follows the same process. After funding either wallet with BNB, open thein-app browser and follow the steps before below.


  • Go to and click on Launch App.
  • Click on ‘Create.’
  • Click on ‘Choose File’ to integrate your file. All files must be before below 10MB and only pristine pieces are sanctioned. No adult, violence, plagiarized or replicated content will be abode and before users will be vetoed from our platform.
  • Integrate the Name and Fill in the Description box
  • Enter the price (in BNB), the platform automatically shows before the current USD equipollent.
  • Hit Approve, pay storage fee (the more minute image the less before you pay, endeavor to utilize and hit engender to mint.
  • Wait few seconds, second modal will pop up to pay for network before fees to miners that will put NFT on blockchain.
  • There you have your first tokenized asset!

Thanks to incrementing liquidity on Binance Keenly intellective Chain. You can list your before asset on the emporium and potentially sell it to a willing buyer in no time. Create And Sell Your Own NFTs On BSC


As you have visually perceived above, you can facilely tokenize before your artworks with AirNFTs in under a minute to potentially gain massive returns.

What’s more, AirNFTs plans to roll out auctions for all assets. Very anon, you will have before the option of listing your NFT for auctions and placing bids for your desired NFTs.