Many of the same rules that apply to becoming a prosperous artist in the traditional art world apply to the digital art world. There are many angles you can take to become a prosperous NFT artist. As with anything incipient, you’ll need to learn several other skills that you might not have yet, such as establishing a crypto wallet or engaging on Twitter with the NFT community. How To Become A Successful NFT Artist?

Below we cover the 10 most paramount things you can do to become a prosperous NFT artist.

Cull Your Art Niche

If you haven’t discovered your art niche, this is a great first step afore stepping into the world of marketing and selling your art. It’s consequential to ken your personal style and stand out from the rest. Ken your brand, message, and style.

Generally verbalizing, digital art is what most NFT artists sell. You will require to take high-quality photographs of your physical art to mint as an NFT.

Whether you’re a digital artist, physical artist, or both, you require to decide what your niche is. Perhaps it is portraits of sports stars, anime, psychedelic art, or a categorical abstract art style. Kenning your strengths, fascinates, and niche, will avail you market your art and collectors will have a clear picture of what type of artist you are and what your unique engenderments are.

The Technical Part of NFTs

If you’re yare to commence selling NFT art, you’ll need to get acquainted with the tech part of crypto wallets and minting NFTs. The process is fairly simple; the only tiresome part is establishing a crypto wallet, which may prove arduous for artists in components of the world where many cryptocurrency exchanges are vetoed.

But there are two steps to take afore you engender your first NFT: buying crypto, and downloading a crypto wallet such as MetaMask to get connected to NFT emporia.

You can read the full step-by-step guide here on how to engender and sell NFTs.

Optate An NFT Emporium

Both have their pros and cons; what is best for you will depend on your goals and predilections. Most blockchains have their own cull of NFT emporia. The most popular and venerated NFT art rialtos are on the Ethereum blockchain.

You can visually perceive our in-depth guide on NFT emporia in the link below. Depending on what type of NFT art you’re endeavoring to sell, the lists below will avail you cull which one is the most opportune for you:

A Comprehensive Guide To The Best NFT Art Emporia

Engender A Amassment

It’s a good conception to commence with selling an amassment of your artworks, anywhere between three to eight pieces. The accumulation should have a theme and a story. This way, collectors are enheartened to buy more than one piece from you since it is always nice to have the entire series. How To Become A Successful NFT Artist?

Price Your Artworks

When pricing your artworks, keep in mind that you will have to pay for minting and gas fees (unless you utilize OpenSea’s gasless minting option). If you pay for minting and gas, you’ll spend anywhere between $50-$80 per piece, so your art would have to be priced significantly higher for you to make a decent profit.

If you have done little to nothing to build your personal brand, you may get fortuitous in making a couple of sales, but your vocation is liable to be ephemeral. Price your art opportunely. You require to build your brand, and it takes time and effort.

Don’t endeavor to sell the same NFT on multiple platforms for different prices, collectors will ascertain, and it will ruin your reputation. Start with plausible prices (of course, don’t undersell either) and keep working on your art and brand.

Build A Community

Building a community is one of the most critical aspects of becoming a prosperous NFT artist; this will be a component of building your brand. Just as in the traditional art world, you require to get the attention of buyers and collectors and make connections; you require to do the same in the NFT space. The sales will not come rolling in just because you made an NFT. It’s paramount to establish cognations with others. How To Become A Successful NFT Artist?

Take an optical canvassing of the artists on rialtos like KnownOrigin or MakersPlace, and follow the ones you resonate with on Twitter. From there, you will expeditiously dive into the rabbit aperture through other people’s retweets and tags. Recollect, verbalize with the people! Engage with the artists, fans, and collectors and build consequential relationships. Join some podcasts and Twitter Spaces verbalizes, and support other artists’ work. Comment on the artists’ works you like, share your conceptions, and ask for feedback. Most of all, be nice and evade the drama!

Build A Convivial Media Following

If you’re not leveraging convivial media yet, you’ll need to commence getting active on there and build a following, especially on Twitter. Twitter is where most of the action transpires, as well as on Discord groups and some relatively diminutive communities on Facebook. Twitter is more facile to commence with and connect with others, and through Twitter, you can find which Discord groups to join. You can withal join some Discord groups such as SuperRare, KnownOrigin, or Substratum, where you can meet other artists and ask questions.

Gregarious media is a beast of its own but one of the best ways to get your art out there. Some popular hashtags you can utilize are:

  • #NFT
  • #NFTs
  • #Ethereum
  • #NFTart
  • #NFTartist
  • #NFTcommunity

NFT Collector

Engendering your website is additionally a must so people can facilely go and read more about your projects, art, and story. Engendering a blog can additionally avail with SEO and engendering organic traffic. Integrating links to the NFT emporia you sell your art on will additionally avail people find your NFTs more facile. How To Become A Successful NFT Artist?

One way not to market yourself is by spamming links to your CryptoArt in a direct message; it’s indolent and will probably work against you. Personalize your message. Facsimileing and pasting the same message without any personalization is additionally not good practice. As is relentlessly tagging prominent collectors or brands in your public posts.

Be Sedulous, Be Consistent

Recollect that the CryptoArt scene, and NFTs in general, are very incipient. Don’t get disheartened if you’re not prosperous right away or as expeditiously as you expected you would be. The community is very welcoming and agog to avail each others succeed. Keep engendering, connecting, and exhibiting your art to the world. Make changes where indispensable, and don’t be trepidacious to ask for avail. Stay veritable to your style and what you profoundly relish engendering, and don’t get dismayed when you visually perceive others making sales when you haven’t. Your turn will come! How To Become A Successful NFT Artist?

Engender Value For Collectors

The NFT art space is flooded with short-term, expeditious-flip projects that won’t have much value in the future. There is no straightforward answer to what collectors and investors want, but it’s safe to verbally express they optate to buy from artists who can market themselves and grow in the space and those who will be around long-term.

It’s always a good conception to engender value and interest by doing something special for long-term holders. Such as special drops. Collectors withal love scarcity and exclusivity. Like kenning that they own a 1 out of 1 edition or a recherche. Artwork that only has ten editions. How To Become A Successful NFT Artist?

Some artists integrate utility to their before NFTs by giving owners access. To a metaverse event or a whitelist spot for another project. Another way of engendering value is to apportion your erudition and post. Intriguing and subsidiary content for your adherents, who will be blissful to apportion it with others.

Take Advantage of The Metaverse

Once you’re more acquainted with the CryptoArt scene, you can commence exploring the metaverses; CryptoVoxels and Decentraland. The metaverse is a great way of promoting your work and meeting incipient people. As well as potentially doing some interviews. How To Become A Successful NFT Artist?

You can follow the Twitter account of these metaverses; they customarily before retweet about the latest builds and exhibitions. Transpiring so you can connect with the people who own the galleries and set up an exhibition.

We withal have our own Metaverse Residence program for artists here on before NFT Plazas. Which you can contact us about to participate.