What Is BNB?

Binance coin (BNB) is the native token of Binance, the most astronomically immense centralized cryptocurrency exchange. There are two variants: BEP 2 and BEP20 (or Astute chain). How To Buy BNB To Start Minting Your NFTs

BNB or BEP2 was initially launched on the Ethereum blockchain in 2017 but later peregrinate to Binance blockchain (or Binance Chain) to accommodate as the utility token.

What Is Binance Perspicacious Chain?

Astute Chain is rudimentally BNB for Binance Perspicacious Chain. Same price, same owner but more functionalities —  fuelling astute contracts.

The Perspicacious Chain variant was engendered last September and is required to run all transactions on Binance Astute Chain- the astute parallel to blockchain. Just like you require Ether as before a fuel for Ethereum-predicated DApps, you require the Perspicacious Chain gas on Binance Astute Chain.

Where To Get BNB

Trust Wallet

You can buy BNB directly from your Trust wallet utilizing a third party provider — Moonpay. The method is seamless and you’ll get your Binance Coin within seconds. How To Buy BNB To Start Minting Your NFTs


You can additionally buy BNB on Binance by utilizing USDT or other coins in the Spot market, or by swapping your BTC, ETH or other tokens in the convert section.

Convert BTC, Ethereum or other tokens to Binance Coin directly in the Convert section.

Deposit the crypto you optate to swap, go to Trade → Convert → Fill in the boxes (the crypto and amount)→ Substantiate.

To buy BNB utilizing USDT, first fund your Binance wallet with USDT utilizing before your credit card or peer-to-peer (P2P) purchase. Then go to “Markets” → BNB/USDT. Click on buy and fill in the indispensable details.


Visit Moonpay

Optate BNB and amount you optate to buy for minting 50$ is enough to mint over +30 NFTs.

Paste your receiving address, Binance Coin (BEP20).

Pay with your credit card & visit app.airnfts.com How To Buy BNB To Start Minting Your NFTs

Start Minting

Note that you’ll have to transfer the BNB to your Trust wallet after making the purchase to enable you work with DApp on the Trust wallet DApp browser.

How To Swap Your BNB To The Perspicacious Chain?

As verbally expressed earlier, Keenly intellective Chain is the BEP20 variant that works with keenly intellective contract-enabled DApps on Binance Keenly Intellective Chain.

Click on Binance Coin on your before Trusted wallet,

Cull Swap to Keenly intellective Chain,

Type in the amount you optate and click on Swap. How To Buy BNB To Start Minting Your NFTs


Note that you’ll pay a meager network fee – typically less than $2.

Enter the app.airnfts.com in before the DApp browser. Your wallet will before connect automatically and your BNB balance will reflect on our site.

And that’s it!

You can now mint away on AirNFTs!