There are many ways to earn iotas of cryptocurrencies, including airdrops, contests, sales rounds, bug hunts, sign up promotions, and more. However, most of the more remuneratively lucrative practices like trading, interest earning products, or mining often have a higher barrier of ingress and may seem intricate and inaccessible for crypto neophytes. How To Earn Money With Crypto

Though many of the financial mechanisms within DeFi space are perilous and often bear minimal returns, there is a more efficient, safer, and more facile way of engendering income from cryptocurrencies.

This article will avail expound the interface and how the products provided by Binance work. But first, let’s take a more proximate optically canvass what Binance P2P is and what it has to offer.

What Is Binance P2P?

Binance P2P is a cryptocurrency exchange that has won the trust of millions of users. P2P stands for “peer-to-peer”, betokening that the trading process takes place directly between the buying and selling parties. There is no desideratum to engage any third-parties for mediation since their role is postulated by the exchange itself, which ascertains the safe conduct of every transaction. Users are bulwarked from fraud by the platform’s mechanisms, which will not conduct any transaction until both parties attest that its underlying terms have been met. How To Earn Money With Crypto

The process is homogeneous to that of an exchange, where users give away a certain currency and receive another in exchange.

But How Does This Work In Practice?

It’s authentically very simple and reminiscent of any genuine-world over-the-counter transaction. You post your offer and set the main parameters, including the magnitude, price, and method of payment. The platform then attests the payment, which releases the frozen assets from custody and deposits them into the buyer’s account.

What Is Binance Earn?

Binance Earn sanctions users to preserve and grow the value of their crypto assets without requiring much time, effort, and in-depth cognizance. This method of passive income generation sanctions users to transcend Hodling. There are several ways to engender income utilizing Binance Earn. Let’s take a visual examination of each of them discretely. How To Earn Money With Crypto

Locked Savings

This method is akin to Flexible Savings but differs by offering a higher interest rate and constrained access to the frozen assets. In this case, the mazuma are blocked for a categorical period of time, customarily from 7 to 90 days, during which the mazuma will not be made available for use.


These are events and offers that are valid for a constrained period of time. They are often more remuneratively lucrative than holding locked savings, but require users to keep an ocular perceiver out for them so as not to miss the opportunity. How To Earn Money With Crypto

Locked Staking

This method is homogeneous to Locked Savings, but offers rewards in exchange for staking crypto. Staking some coins gives more flexibility in managing staked crypto, as Locked Staking releases utilizer funds after 48-72 hours. Read more on How to Use Locked Staking.


Users can send their mazuma to the pool to mine an incipient token, thus financing their launch. How To Earn Money With Crypto

Dual Investment

Users have the flexibility to optate desired strike price, APY, and deposit duration. The return will be in one currency or another, depending on the conditions.

Binance Liquid Swap

This implement gives users the opportunity to become an Automated Market Maker (AMM) by depositing tokens, thus providing liquidity, and receiving interest on the exchange of the tokens. How To Earn Money With Crypto

Visit the Binance homepage

  • If you are already registered on the exchange, just authenticate in to your account and go directly to step 4.
  • Enter your electronic mail address and engender a secure password. Then read the license accedence and click on “Register”.
  • Now you require to verify your identity and set up a convenient payment method.
  • Click on “Buy Crypto” and then on the “P2P Trading” button.
  • Click on the “Buy” button, then cull the coin you are fascinated with. Set the values you require in the “Price” and “Payment” filters. After the list of offers appears on the screen, cull the desired offer and click on “Buy”.
  • Enter the amount in the pristine currency or the desired amplitude of crypto and click on “Buy”.
  • The details of the operation will appear on the screen. Attest the amount and method of payment.
  • The seller consummates his terminus of the deal and the transaction is consummated.

Navigating The Binance Earn Wallet

On the next page, you’ll visually perceive the sundry account types on the left panel. Open the “Spot Account” tab to visually perceive your total Spot wallet balance. If you optate to visually perceive all the ways you can buy and sell tokens with fiat currency, cull the “P2P Account”. You can withal view your transaction history before and futures and margins statistics there. How To Earn Money With Crypto


Binance Earn provides many flexible implements for before engendering passive income. If you are probing for ways of engendering some returns on your cryptocurrency holdings, you now ken where to find them.