Learn how to engender Christmas, Day of inception, and Valentine NFTs as a gift and give them to your profoundly relished ones on special occasions. How To Gift An NFT To Your Loved Ones

Built on Binance Perspicacious Chain (BSC), AirNFTs is the premier art emporium with great potential to enrich digital artists and advance the ingenious industry. Not only do we have a sizably voluminous and active community, but we additionally sanction you to engender, buy and sell a wide range of NFTs. With AirNFTs, you can engender your own Christmas NFTs, day of inception NFTs or anniversary NFTs or buy one you like from another artist and give it to your doted ones later as a gift. Read on to ascertain how.

How To Engender NFTs On AirNFTs

As we mentioned in our anterior article on How to Engender and Sell NFTs on Binance Keenly Intellective Chain, after funding your Trust Wallet or MetaMask wallet, open the in-app browser and follow these steps:

  • Click on “Create”,
  • Click on “Choose File” to integrate your file. Files must be less than 10 Mb. Only pristine pieces are sanctioned. No violence, adults, plagiarism, or any other type of facsimiled content will be abode. Failure to comply with these rules will result in the omission of the utilizer from our platform, How To Gift An NFT To Your Loved Ones
  • Integrate the designation and fill in a description in the “Description box”,
  • Enter the price in (BNB), the platform automatically exhibits the current equipollent in USD,
  • Click “Approve” when done and pay the storage fee (the more minuscule the image the less you pay, endeavor utilizing tinypng.com) and click engender to mint.
  • And there you retain it, your first tokenized digital asset.

How To Buy NFTs On AirNFTs?

  • Type in the search bar www.airnfts.com and click on “Trade NFTs Now”,
  • You’ll be redirected to app.airnfts.com, where before you can browse our Exclusive Drops. And explore different amassments of NFTs, including Accumulations, Games, Photos, Art, Crypto Punks, Music, etc.
  • Click on the NFT Accumulation type you prefer, for example, Valentine NFTs, Day of inchoation NFTs, etc.
  • Click on the NFT character you like and are yare to buy. Once again, the platform automatically exhibits the current equipollent price of the item in USD. How To Gift An NFT To Your Loved Ones.
  • After clicking “Buy”, a second screen will appear to pay the network fee to the miners, then you can purchase your item.
  • To learn more, optically discern our antecedent article on How to Earn by buying NFTs on BSC.


Neftivity gives you the opportunity to engender your own Gift NFTs for before some of life’s special occasions. You can engender your own NFTs on AirNFTs or buy. The ones you like from another artist and give them later to your friends or family.