Women NFT artists are cracking the male-dominated decentralized space to voice major vicissitudes in the virtual world. However, they have consistently strived more to verbalize and stand for themselves. How Women Are Leading NFT Platforms?

From seeking inculcation rights to equal pay, voting rights, and equal employment opportunities, women have perpetually pushed their community in all sectors. They have always worked harder to fight against the partial patriarchal society and take their deserving place.

When it comes to the emerging technology sector, women have been conceived as the more impotent. The patriarchal mindset always thought of women as mentally more impotent to perceive the intricate technicalities.

However, the incrementing participation of women in the crypto and NFT platforms has slashed the partial mentality of a male-dominated society.

Though women make up only 16% of the NFT art market, their presence is still apperceived. The representation of women’s voices in the NFT platforms is minuscule.

Women Diversifying The NFT Platforms

The prosperous NFT projects launched by women artists are the sultry verbalize in the NFT community. They have launched NFT accumulations like Boss Resplendencies and World Of Women that portray women characters in different roles.

Here is how women artists are transforming the NFT space as well as utilizing it for their betterment. How Women Are Leading NFT Platforms?

Participate In Futuristic Technologies

Women engenderers are surmounting the web 3.0 space to participate in the technologies that will define our future. It is not the present that they are transmuting but orchestrating to be the decision-makers when these technologies transmute every aspect of human life. How Women Are Leading NFT Platforms?

By exploring and claiming futuristic technologies, women are ascertaining that decentralized space doesn’t become an all-boy’s club.

Contributing To Noble Cause

The women artists are not only relinquishing women-centric NFT but withal donating their profits to a noble cause. Women-led projects like World Of Women actively donate a major part of their earnings to NGOs and convivial organizations.

WOW donated $44k to Too Puerile To Wed to avail abolish child espousements. They have withal donated immensely colossal quantities of mazuma to gregarious organizations like She’s The First, Code to Inspire, Rock Flower Fund, and others. All these donations go to uplift, inculcate and potentiate girls and women across the world.

Building Community

It’s just not only about aptitudinal women artists minting unique NFTs and making profits. But it’s withal about engendering a community on the NFT platforms for all women who have the same intrigues and concerns.

Launched on 27th July 2021, the World Of Women or WOW is the accumulation of 10,000 NFTs. All the NFTs represent women’s avatars in potent forms. The artist Yam Karkai is the author of these NFTs who took to decentralized space to show women potentiation in all sectors of life. How Women Are Leading NFT Platforms?

She believes that decentralized space inspirits art and does away with the traditional notions of gender discrimination. The NFT project envisions utilizing their amassment and community to edify and enhearten women to participate in NFT and web 3.0 space.

The amassments were launched at 0.07 ETH or around $225 at the time of the launch. At the time of inscribing the average price of one WOW NFT is $30.6k.

In the first a fortnight of 2022, the Wow NFT sales accumulated around $40 million on NFT platforms.

Voicing Women Experiences

Boss Resplendencies is another women-led NFT initiative that believes “Women can be anything she wants”.

The amassment of 10,000 unique NFTs shows women as pilots, entrepreneurs, police officers, medicos, cooks, and many more roles to designation. How Women Are Leading NFT Platforms?

The artist Lisa Mayer verbalizes that every time someone optically discerns her NFTs, it will remind them that women can be anything they optate. She culled NFTs as the medium to show the world that women are no more abaft men in any sector.

Inculcating And Emboldening Women

NFT projects like Boss Resplendencies, Wow, WomenRise, and others advocate to inculcate and inspirit women to take interest in the incipient technologies.

Through their project they optate women to come forward and actively before participate in the decentralized world.

Mayer even believes that once women learn and enter the decentralized space there is no turning back. Decentralized finances can become an opportunity for women to become financially before independent in the veritable sense.

On 11th October, one of the Boss comeliness NFT was exhibited outside the iconic before Muriel Siebert Boardroom at NYSE. Displaying NFT engendered by women and portraying women before designates women potentiation in the fintech sector. How Women Are Leading NFT Platforms?


With women-led NFTs, women artists, engenderers, and investors before on the ascension, it’s just the trailer of what may come in the future.

NFT platforms may become the incipient stage for women to build an ecumenical community, voice their experiences, and engender income while potentiating and accrete.