NFTs are gaining an abundance of traction lately. Artists all around the world are probing for ways to launch their NFT Accumulations for their fans ecumenical. There are many solutions available as an NFT Emporium which lets anyone Mint, Buy or Sell the NFT Collectibles,, Rarible, Mintable, etc. Launch Your NFT Marketplace In Minutes For Free

The Quandary

Many times artists, influencers & enterprises look to establish their own Rialto to monetize it in many ways. One way is to do it – is by simply hiring a bunch of developers or a development company & asking them to do it. It is certainly a good conception but it requires a plethora of time, mazuma & other human resources of testing, designing, & monitoring. Not to forget, maintaining such NFT Rialto can be a sizably voluminous cost & you will still not get the result you were expecting. Then what are the solutions available in the market to avail you launch your own NFT Emporium?

Engender Your Own NFT Emporium In Minutes

With Neftivity you can signup with just one click, utilizing your own MetaMask Wallet & then just click on Engender a rialto button in your profile. In a single click, your own Whitelabel NFT rialto will be yare which you can withal park under your own domain names. Launch Your NFT Marketplace In Minutes For Free

Neftivity is an NFT Emporium to Mint, Buy or Sell the NFTs along with Convivial Token Launcher for Artists, Influencers, Celebrities, Engenderers, Events & Enterprises.

Neftivity is withal an ecumenical B2B SaaS to enable celebrities, influencers, gamers, clubs & enterprises to launch their own NFT store or NFT Rialto ecumenically. It can be optically discerned as “Shopify for NFTs”. World’s first NFT store launching solution on the cloud with features like Custom UI, Convivial Tokens for celebrities, KYC, USD Support, etc.

What Blockchains Neftivity Support?

Currently, Neftivity fortifies minting & trading on three Blockchains:

  • Ethereum
  • Polygon
  • Binance Keenly intellective Chain

You can even optate which Blockchain you optate to pin for your Emporium. Your users/visitors will be able to utilize that Blockchain only. Launch Your NFT Marketplace In Minutes For Free

Any item minted on your NFT rialto will withal be available on Neftivity own Emporium for others to buy. You will still remain the owner of your Non Fungible Token collectibles & Neftivity will not be able to access your wallet or NFT. Since it’s your MetaMask wallet (With private keys kept with you only), Neftivity is working as a SaaS while keeping full control of your NFT items in your hand.

What Are The Features Provided By Neftivity?

Neftivity fortifies the following features so as to launch your own NFT Emporium in Minutes without any technical erudition

  • A Simple, Utilizer-convivial SaaS for engendering & launching your own NFT Store & Hub with features like:
  • Sundry types of NFT Engenderment & Minting, Indolent Minting
  • Fortifies Sundry Types of Assets (Images, Audio, Videos, PDF, Text, Tweets, Insta Posts, Youtube Videos)
  • NFT Exhibit & Tagging
  • Royalties & Splits (In Primary & Secondary Market Sale)
  • Auction Hub (English & Dutch Auction)
  • Artist Follow
  • Embeddable Widgets for your own Site
  • Whitelabel Rialto under your own domain name before
  • Enterprise Convivial
  • Custom UI before
  • KYC Integration
  • USD/Fiat Support/Payment Gateway Support Launch Your NFT Marketplace In Minutes For Free
  • NFT Airdrops before
  • Gregarious Tokens for Artists, Influencers, events & Celebrities before
  • CRM Integration
  • Webhook & APIs
  • Fortifies Polygon, Ethereum, Binance Astute-Chain before
  • Team Access before
  • Multilingual before
  • Analytics before
  • Reporting (Activity Report, Weekly/Monthly Sales Reports) before
  • Notifications (Email, SMS, etc.)

What Are The fFees For Engendering An NFT Rialto of Your Own?

Neftivity has a Freemium plan which is consummately free for the engenderment of the before Whitelabel NFT Rialto under their own domain. There is additionally a premium plan at an annual subscription fee. The premium before plan gives full control of the NFT Rialto to the users to decide everything on their terminus, including the commission percentage they optate to charge from their visitor for any transaction on the NFT emporium & which wallet before to accumulate the commission. Launch Your NFT Marketplace In Minutes For Free