Did you know from where the word Metaverse came? This word was used in the year 1992 first time in the science fiction book Snow Crash, written by Neal Stephenson. So basically, we are here to discuss either Metaverse is getting so popular. Is it real or not. Similarly, the question arises in our minds of what the hell is Metaverse. Metaverse Is Getting So Trendy

What is Metaverse?

Let me help you to explain the concept of the Metaverse. It is a digital universe or a virtual world. Likewise, I can have my home, office, and entertainment zone in my virtual world. Meanwhile, where is I.?

Therefore, my avatar in the virtual world is nothing but a Metaverse. You will be surprised to know that the word avatar also came from the book “Snow crash” in 1992.

Before we go on to the use cases of Metaverse is getting so popular. Is it real or not. So I believe that we should first tackle all the questions. In short, then we can decide whether it is popular or not.

Why do we Need Metaverse?

In this paragraph, we will discuss why we need Metaverse. I believe that when our digital presence is more important than our physical self. That is where the start point of the Metaverse concept is triggered. Metaverse Is Getting So Trendy

Why is an Avatar Needed?

So if I tell you that my Instagram DP matters to me a lot, I am sure you will agree with me. On the other hand, everyone makes an effort to ensure that they look perfect in their reel life. For instance, you might not comb your hair every day. But when you go for the best picture, you assume yourself to comb your hair and dress up appropriately for that one picture.

Imagine 10 or 15 years before trying to convince your parents that your DP matters a lot to you. In other words, we cannot make them understand. Similarly, it is difficult for us today.

Above all, visualize why my avatar might be essential for Me.? In addition, you should know that a similar concept of avatar is already there on iphone. We call that emojis, and it tries to replicate our actual facial expressions.

Meta Facebook

In this paragraph, before talking about Meta Facebook. Let me tell you that Metaverse is the combination of two words Meta and verse. Meta means “beyond,” and verse comes from the “universe.” If we connect them both, that will be “beyond this universe.” So basically, Metaverse is being used as an artificial world. Metaverse Is Getting So Trendy

Therefore, Mark Zuckerberg adopted the word Meta to change his company Facebook to Meta. Now it would be safe to state that Meta (Facebook) is coming up with a project, Cambria, where your avatars will be able to make natural eye contact and replicate your facial expressions. So, to give you a look and feel of your emojis

Metaverse Explained

Moreover, I think that is the first reason to believe that Metaverse is getting so popular and is consequently natural. In addition, why I believe Mark Zuckerberg, the Big Bull, has identified this by changing his company name from Facebook to Meta the new name.

In the same vein, he said, “it is all about the ease of connecting with people.” Now you might be thinking, what is new in it.? So we have Google meet, Microsoft teams, hangouts, and WhatsApp video calls. As a result, we do all our office meetings on these platforms. But we all know what we experience. Even you cannot connect yourself properly.

Metaverse Revolutions

Believe it or not. Right now, Meta Facebook beat Nike and Microsoft; they are investing millions of dollars in these projects of Meta wars. For example, if your kid is hundreds of kilometers away from you, are on a video call with him. On the other hand, he won a competition, and you feel so happy for him. But you cannot pat his back because technology does not allow you. If you have a Metaverse technology in your hand, you can pat his back through your avatar, feel his victory, and watch his competition. Metaverse Is Getting So Trendy

It’s another reason to believe that Metaverse is getting so popular, and we should not take it easy.

Use Cases of Metaverse

There are many things to explore in Metaverse. It would be good to say that Metaverse is getting advanced day by day to help people connects. It is much more beyond that. So, let’s try some use cases as an example;

Real Estate

For instance, if you were to buy a property, you would physically visit that place and get a feel of how it looks. After that then, you can decide whether to purchase or not. Likewise, in Metaverse, you can visit a website something like or any other wherein you would be in your home, but you would be able to navigate with the help of your mouse. You would try to see what every room looks like through a 3d view, but now you can imagine instead of that, you wear your smart glasses or the headgear wherein your avatar enters that room and tries to get a look and feel that how this room looks like and you make a decision whether you want to buy that property or not correct so that could be a good use case for the real estate sector. Metaverse Is Getting So Trendy


So, right now, if I want to visit the UK and Australia, taken as an example, budget is a constraint, right. Instead of that, we can assume that I tell my school friends that “hey, let us plan something in Metaverse,” and decide to go to Egypt, and we go there with the help of our avatars, so our avatars go there we all are going into the various places. We are exploring it together. So, can I say it is a fantastic feeling where people are sitting kilometers away and are getting together in a specific place and exploring areas at a very cheap cost? That could be a great reason to believe that Metaverse is getting so popular.


I am summing up my writings here, and Metaverse is the combination of two words Meta and verse. Meta means beyond, and verse comes from the word universe. If we connect them both, it becomes beyond this world.

The word Metaverse was used for the first time in 1992 in the book named snow crash written by Neil Stephenson. The term avatar is also from the first time in this book.

It got popular more when Mark Zuckerberg changed its company name from Facebook to Meta. Moreover, cryptocurrencies are also giving hype to Metaverse. Microsoft, Google Meta Facebook is investing millions of dollars in the research of Metaverse projects.

You can buy and sell property in Metaverse. We can explore the world with our friends at lower prices while sitting in our homes. Metaverse is getting so popular and it.