Ascertain what the future holds and the potential NFTs on FTM, Polygon, and BSC to follow. Trends are nothing incipient in the financial markets, let alone in the digital arts and collectibles space. After last year’s nuclear spike in NFT prices and activity, the Federal Reserve’s 2020 quantitative facilitating efficaciously lowered the pace and relegated other traditional financial industries to months of rectifications. Wondering if there’s still hope for the NFT market in 2022? Read on. NFT Trends For Q4 2022

Overview of The Last Quarter For NFTs In 2022

Liquidity is core to the sustainability of any market and is customarily fueled by several factors of varying strengths. For NFTs, we have visually perceived the factors morphing from the erstwhile hype and trepidation of missing out to quandary-solving functionality. This year alone, utilize cases like GameFi and rentals in an NFT rialto, music, and tying collectibles to authentic-world assets have gained more ground. Albeit early, collectibles are still well-situated as essential building blocks of the metaverse.

NFTs You Should Read About

Let’s visually examine some of the best NFT projects you can look into in priming yourself for the next NFT bull run. NFT Trends For Q4 2022

Ethereum Name Service

Have you ever wondered why we have alphanumeric names as wallet addresses? It’s pretty conspicuous many of us copy from our exchanges and paste them to the opportune places when trading. What if the process could be more straightforward? Well, ENS solves that.

ENS is a decentralized system that runs on the blockchain and uses perspicacious contracts to make machine identifiers readable in human language. This betokens that in lieu of having an address like 0xd8dA6RB10164aF9D7eEd9e03F42315D37aY96045, you can have Ada.eth, and when a utilizer sends Ethereum to verbalized address, the crypto goes in there. Moreover, you can sell your ENS domain name on an NFT emporium to willing buyers who want the exact designation. NFT Trends For Q4 2022

ENS is currently amongst the top 20 NFT sales on the leading NFT rialtos, with over 500,000 unique owners. This trend is not culminating anon; you can have your customized address in a few clicks.


Albeit the accumulation was engendered in September, it has expeditiously grown to be a sensation, even outranking CryptoPunk in weekly trading volume. The NFT amassment has 1,000 unique pieces and has optically discerned popular NFTs present. Unlike ENS, Hedz is fixated on art and not on utility. It would be intriguing to visually perceive this amassment in a few months. NFT Trends For Q4 2022

Battle Illimitability

Battle Illimitability is an incipient GameFi project that has caused an abundance of hype and attention. These purposes include an NFT-predicated fantasy sports league, player-against-player P2E games, an NFT rialto, and more. The Battle Illimitability ecosystem additionally consists of an immersive metaverse-predicated game where players can earn rewards by playing other games within the ecosystem. This makes Battle Illimitability a unique and exhilarating project worth consistently visually examining.


The intricate ecosystem we call the NFT industry might be down at the moment, but it does not mean you should be on the sideline. Now is an excellent time to get a good investment project as builders are moving forward in full force before in preparation for the next phase of the NFT bull run.

Besides, Neftivity have now assembled everything in a facile-to-use mobile app for you. You can now trade BSC, FTM, and Polygon NFTs on the android app with the iOS version on the way.