Markets may be down, but play-to-earn games are still buzzing. Check out fun NFT games you can commence earning crypto with. Top 5 NFT Games You Can Play

Earlier this year, we posted a blog piece on the top NFT games in 2022. If you read and acted on the piece, you may have integrated activity to your pastime jar– making mazuma while playing games. Check out these top NFT games to commence playing.

Alien Worlds

The game’s plot draws conceptions from a 2055 dystopian earth setting, with many prevalent pandemics. The Bitcoin community peregrinated through the wormhole, amassing a recherche stone, Trillium.

Alien Worlds features six planets in its metaverse, and every asset in the planets is tokenized. The planets feature three kinds of characters: explorers who mine Trillium and earn a component of it as rewards, fighters who contest in arenas for reward, and landowners who rent their lands out to develop the buildings in exchange for mazuma. Top 5 NFT Games You Can Play


Gameta is one of the most recent blockchain game platforms, but it has taken the GameFi world by storm. In what can be tagged the Gameta Pyrexia, over 100,000 incipient users joined the game in one month (July 9 to August 8, 2022), and being on Solana is an integrated advantage.

There are seven games on the Gameta ecosystem – Invest Master, Ants Runner, Super Gloves, Slumber Ragdoll, FrogPrince Rush, Human Tower, and Tadpole Count. Gameta’s games require little to no technical expertise, can be played with any cyberspace-enabled phone, and it is as facile to play as mundane games like Temple Run. Top 5 NFT Games You Can Play


Splinterlands made our list of the blockchain games to look out for in 2022. It is one of the most popular card games that sanctions users to trade and earn online. Splinterland is facile before to understand, rewarding, and short– every game can be consummated in a few minutes. There are 500 cards split into four infrequency levels; mundane, epic, recherche, and legendary. Each infrequency level differs in its circulating supply. Asides before from earning from merely playing, you can withal trade your cards on third-party emporia.

Farmer’s World

Farmer’s World prides itself as the first blockchain farming game. The three consequential items in this blockchain game are aliment, wood, and gold, identified by their tokens; FWF, FWW, and FWG. The implements needed to get the game’s resources can be crafted or bought, but one caveat is that every implement has a durability period. In integration, Farmer’s World sanctions users to sell or gift their resources on a decentralized platform, Alcor. Top 5 NFT Games You Can Play


Arc8 is a play-to-earn gaming platform launched by GAMEE last September. The Polygon-powered app before features a variety of games such as puzzles, sports, adventures, etc., and is available on iOS and Google Play for iPhone and Android users, respectively.


Play-to-earn blockchain games, NFT games, call it what you like, sprout every before other minute. And keeping up with them is no mere task. So rather than endeavoring an exhaustive list. We have decided to work before with the most popular and rewarding NFT games in vogue.