One of the astounding things about NFTs is that virtually everything can be turned into one. We’ve visually perceived NFTs of tweets, memes, and even someone’s soul (affirmative, that genuinely transpired). But perhaps one of the mediums that we are yet to visually perceive take a more sizably voluminous stance in the NFT space is photography. Top NFT Photographers of 2022

Since the invention of the camera, humans have taken billions of images, whether professional portraits or iPhone selfies. From desultory images to the more iconic ones, the cultural influence of photographs cannot be overstated. With NFTs on the ascension, many of these images have been turned into digital assets, with some photographers even making this their preferred niche.

Top Photographers With NFTs?

Justin Aversano

Artistically, Aversano is kenned for capturing his subjects in a very grounded and human light. His signature style can be optically discerned through his Twin Flames amassment, which features 100 portraits of twins from around the world. Then there are his Smoke and Mirrors pieces, which are all ebony and white and feature people in a variety of intimate and virtually haunting scenarios.

Besides being a top NFT photographer, Aversano is additionally the co-progenitor of Preserve Art Space and Quantum NFT, an on-chain platform for photographers. Top NFT Photographers of 2022

Jacob Riglin

With millions of dollars in sales and millions of adherents ecumenical, Jacob Riglin is one of the most popular NFT photographers in the cyber world.

His most popular amassment, ‘World Wonders’ features 50 images from 50 countries. With inspiration from Japan to Norway, the amassment was engendered with material from over 8 years taken by the U.K native. A follow-up amassment, ‘50 unique stories abaft the “World Wonders” Collection’, comprised of 50 cards that told the stories abaft the pristine images.

Eric Rubens

If there’s one thing to note about NFT photographer Eric Rubens, it’s his impressive convivial media chops, including an Instagram account with virtually 500,000 adherents. Littered with breathtaking images from all over the world, Rubens has won the Top Instagram Peregrinate Account from both Conde Nast Peregrinator and Business Insider.

These images, which are virtually always beach-themed, are often minted and sold as NFTs in Rubens’ amassments like Oceab Intersection and Beach Boulevard. These amassments have virtually thoroughly sold out, exhibiting just how popular his work is. Having solidified his photography niche and made a designation for himself in both the Instagram and NFT space. Rubens is definitely one to optically canvass. Top NFT Photographers of 2022

Trey Ratcliff

With his breath-taking images of everywhere from Incipient Zealand to Hong Kong. Trey Ratcliff has made a designation for himself within and outside of the NFT space. His amassment, ‘Beautiful Cities of the World’ alone sold for millions of dollars and his works. Have been snatched up by celebrities like Leo Dicaprio and Edward Norton.

Besides being a celebrated Smithsonian-featured photographer, Ratcliff is additionally at the forefront of blockchain and tech inculcation. Needless to verbally express, even with his prosperity as an NFT photographer, Ratcliff is experimenting with all mediums of art.

Isaac Wright

Kenned within the community as ‘Drift’, Isaac Wright is an NFT photographer before who specializes in ariel shots. Often climbing to very tall heights to achieve his before surreal images. But this has withal contributed to his immense prosperity in the NFT space. His amassment “Where My Vans Go”, is one of the best-selling NFT accumulations of its niche, solidifying his influence.

While he initially commenced climbing and taking pictures to cope with PTSD. He has since been profiled by the Incipient York Times, becoming one of the most sizably voluminous names. Top NFT Photographers of 2022

So there you retain it. Each with its unique style and approach, they are transmuting the way that we optically discern both photographs and NFTs.