There are many NFT games on the market, below is a list of the top most popular play-to-earn games. Blockchain gaming is still very incipient, so albeit these games have secured their designation as bellwethers of the industry, persistently optically canvass this space as incipient play-to-earn games emerge and take the lead. Top Play To Earn NFT Games

Axie Illimitability

Axie Illimitability is the most well-kenned NFT game. It was launched in 2018 by Welkin Mavis, a Vietnamese-predicated team. The game has virtually 3 million active monthly players and its own native $AXS token. Players have three Axies to utilize in the tactical, facility-predicated combat gameplay.

Deities Unchained

Deities Unchained is a popular trading card game which raised $15 million in 2018 by selling millions of cards. It was withal the first game to be relinquished on Immutable X, a ZK rollup scalability solution for the Ethereum blockchain, offering expeditious transactions and low gas fees. There are four tiers of cards and players can earn $GODS by acquiring victory tournaments.


Illuvium is an upcoming open-world RPG adventure game, where players can capture other-worldly creatures as NFTs called Illuvials. This is one of the most anticipated upcoming NFT games due to its involute gameplay and stunning designs. Unlike other blockchain games, Illuvium will have AAA engenderment and visuals. Top Play To Earn NFT Games

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a sci-fi NFT game predicated on governance and mining. The game is available on three different blockchains; Ethereum, Binance Astute Chain, and WAX. Players must grow each planet’s in-game economy utilizing the native token, Trilium.

Star Atlas

The storyline is set in 2620, and players have to manage all sorts of strategic sectors, such as trade routes, politics and economic territories.

My Neighbour Alice

All the in-game assets can only be purchased with the game’s native token, $ALICE. The virtual plots of land are where all the action transpires and where players build on and convivially interact with others.

Guild of Sentinels

Guild of Sentinels, a free-to-play mobile action RPG game on Immutable X, is a blockchain game engendered by Stepico Studio. Players can earn the native token while playing, and then utilize it for sundry tasks such as voting, trading, and staking.


Splinterlands is another free-to-play trading card game which has genuinely taken off. Players can make mazuma while they play by victoriously triumphing card matchups. The NFT game is built on the before Hive blockchain and offers over 283 cards which players can coalesce to increment their character facilities and win quests.

Ember Sword

The engenderers abaft the game, Refulgent Star Studios, raised $2 million in May 2021 to further develop the game. Top Play To Earn NFT Games


Players can buy and grow delicately comely playable before Aavegotchi NFTs that accommodate as interest-engendering piggy banks. The NFT game merged with a DeFi protocol that sanctions the before staking of tokens within the ecosystem. Top Play To Earn NFT Games

Chicken Derby

Chicken Derby is a frolicsome yet involute game where players before earn mazuma through breeding and racing chicken NFTs. Players can earn ETH by trading and pitting their chickens before against others in sundry races. This game was made by developer Bitlovin, who is withal the engenderer of the game before Ganja Farmer.