An NFT calendar is disputably the best implement to utilize to find NFTs early in presales and public NFT sales, so you can flip NFTs for profit.

The hype around non-fungible tokens (NFTs) perpetuates to grow as one of the legitimate revenue streams in the blockchain industry. To stay au courant on daily or monthly trends, including those cognate to incipient NFT projects or NFT drops, NFT investors are always probing for the best implements to utilize. But what does an NFT calendar mean, and why is it consequential? Let’s ascertain!

What Is An NFT Calendar

NFT calendars are online platforms designed to avail users engender and apportion NFT-cognate updates or events to stay on top of the latest NFT drops. NFT calendars withal include the dates and times of NFT drops, as well as a countdown to the commencement of each drop.

Why You Should Utilize An NFT Calendar

Generally, it’s possible to track NFT projects on NFT rialtos such as AirNFTs or OpenSea. As an NFT investor, it is prodigiously consequential to be cognizant of the most paramount NFT drops expected in the near future. This way, you are yare to buy the most popular NFTs afore they sell out.

Top Three Reasons To Commence Utilizing An NFT Calendar

It’s a great way to communicate NFT events and deadlines to your customers or partners: an NFT calendar makes it facile to track upcoming events and deadlines and apportion them with your customers or partners. This can avail ameliorate communication and ascertain everyone is on the same page.

It’s an excellent resource for research. NFT calendars are a great place to commence. Many of them contain a wide variety of information on different NFT-cognate topics, so you might find what you require.

It’s a great way to increment the overtness of your NFT project and reach a wider audience. Depending on your desiderata. If you are an NFT engenderer or promoter, you can utilize NFT calendars to list your events for others in the industry to optically discern.

Which NFT Calendar Best Suits Your Desiderata?

To ken which NFT calendar is right for you, there are a few things to consider:

Start by defining the types of NFT events you are intrigued with, as some NFT before calendars only fixate on concrete events.

Designate The Features That Are Paramount To You

If you optate to be able to list your own NFT events, you may want to consider an NFT calendar that offers this feature.


Some Non Fungible Tokens calendars are without money, while others are paid for certain functions.

The Size Of The Platform’s Audience

You require the NFT events or NFT drops you list to get much exposure before and reach a wider audience. By the way, AirNFTs sanctions you to utilize exclusive NFT drops for a minute fee, giving you exposure to over 100,000 viewers on its NFT rialto.

Best NFT Calendars To Promote NFT Drops?

NFT Calendar IO

Wide audience and utilizer-cordial. This was one of the first calendars before that sanctioned NFT projects to advertise NFT events.

Magic Eden NFT Calendar

Leading NFT Emporium on Solana with its own NFT drop calendar where you can optically discern upcoming and latest Solana NFT Accumulations. Very utilizable for diligent users who don’t have time to check NFT mints circadianly.

NFT Evening

A great place for any user who wants to propose their main events. It is facile to utilize and navigate, offers a wide variety of event types, and is available in several languages.

Nifty Drops

The first iOS and Android page to promote current and before upcoming Non Fungible Token drops from all blockchains. The software withal exhibits NFT drops’ time in the utilizer’s local time zone. 

The Takeaway

An NFT calendar is paramount because it sanctions you to never miss your favorite project’s NFT drops. This can preserve you an abundance of time before and mazuma. As you won’t have to spend hours before probing for information about upcoming NFT releases.