The cyber world has been claiming that NFTs are revolutionizing the art space. But is that all? Not at all. Musicians have commenced to explore the NFT rialto, and NFT music has already managed to raise millions of dollars. For example, Grimes has recently auctioned 10 NFTs including unseen images and short videos circumventing her music for $6 million. While DJ 3 Lac has auctioned 33 NFTs featuring unreleased music and one with a custom musical composition which was sold for $3,666,666. What Is NFT Music?

Nonetheless, to understand the puissance of NFTs, first, let’s understand how they work.

What Is An NFT?

NFTs are digital proof of digital assets. The Digital Assets represent authentic-world objects, for example, art, music, memes, videos, etc. Consequently, NFTs verify the authenticity and ownership of these assets. Simultaneously, each NFT is cryptographically encrypted, hence they are profoundly unique.

Let’s Verbalize About NFT Music

I mean, sure, you can heedfully auricularly discern your favorite artists online, even download their music. However, it differs massively from genuinely owning the vinyl record of your favorite album. Indisputably, music is especially paramount to who we are as people. For instance, a musical composition might hold the nostalgia of a very dear moment or the recollection of an, especially profoundly relished one. Similarly, we dote the artists abaft those tunes for giving us something to prehend. We optate to go a mile ahead and celebrate with them. What Is NFT Music?

Henceforth, buying vinyl and CDs is a thing. But as we move on to a cyberspace independent era, is it unthinkable to explore that ownership in the virtual world. NFT music is giving musicians around the world liberation. But you can withal connect with your fans categorically.

Fan Engagement

Fans want to be proximate to their favorite artists and optate to potentiate them in every way they can. As a musician, you can launch exclusive NFT music with unreleased musical compositions or bonus tracks and let your fans buy and sell them amongst each other. Of course, owning something from your favorite artist that the world hasn’t even visually perceived yet makes your fans feel special, and gives you a genuine opportunity to genuinely connect with them. What Is NFT Music?

Increase In Ecumenical Following

NFT music airdrops are a great conception to get those adherent numbers rolling. Especially, if you are not an established artist yet, but still want incipient people to discover your music. How does that work? Well, airdropping essentially betokens distributing free NFTs to arbitrary wallets. When the users download the NFTs, you will withal gain access to their electronic mail address or their convivial media links. Hence, you now have a list of people who you ken for sure might be intrigued with your work, and you can market to later too as well. These people will push the value of your NFTs, as well as promote your music for free. This will expand your reach and avail you grow your brand internationally.


So infrequent that artists, concretely growing artists get the mazuma they deserve. NFT music, however, ascertains that as an artist you are being paid the hight possible amplitude of mazuma. That’s done through royalty.

For example, you relinquish NFT music and sell it for $2000. However, sometime in the future, the track blows up and now your NFT valuation goes up as high as $1 million. A person can dream. You can be assured as an artist that every time the NFT is sold for a categorical sum of mazuma, you are getting a commission predicated on it. And the best part is, you get to set the percent of the commission, or royalty you would optate to receive.

If you’re still here, the next thing on your mind is probably about how you can sell your tracks to ecumenical audiences as NFT music. And as conventional, we’re here to answer that.

How To Sell NFT Music?

The first thing you require to do to get your NFT music out there is to download a crypto wallet that can store your NFTs. MetaMask is a great option. Alternatively, CoinBase and Binance withal are very popular in the NFT landscape. A crypto wallet is profoundly imperative as not only will it store your NFTs, it will adscititiously store the cryptocurrency you will require to cover the gas fees. Verbalizing of gas fees, what the hell is it? What Is NFT Music?

Download A Crypto Wallet

Because the computation power required to record all the data chronologically in the blocks is quite brobdingnagian, the blockchain charges a particular “gas fee” to carry it out.

The majority of NFTs are predicated on the Ethereum blockchain which utilizes a utility token called ether, or ETH. Because of this, to list and sell NFT music on an NFT rialto, you will require to purchase ETH first. What Is NFT Music?

Find An NFT Emporium

While there are tens of rialtos available online to sell your NFTs at, we recommend opening your own store with Neftivity. Neftivity withal sanctions you to customize your store, which denotes, you can facilely reflect your brand image and brand vision in your storefront.

The best part is, the utilizer-amicable interface of the platform makes it a breeze for anyone without any technical cognizance to navigate the space. Moreover, the Neftivity team takes care of all the licit and technological hassles that you may face while establishing your NFT store. What Is NFT Music?

Establishing Your NFT Store

Last but not the least, after you find an NFT emporium you feel comfortable with, you require to establish your NFT store. Firstly, connect your crypto wallet to the NFT rialto. Cull the audio or tack you optate to mint and transform it into NFTs. You adscititiously have the option to compose an accumulation of your music, supplementally kenned as a collectible. Collectibles are soft of like genres. So users fascinated with music may come across your engenderments while browsing collectibles, as well. And there you go! You have prosperously engendered your first NFT store featuring your first ever NFT music.