The NFT music niche is expeditiously growing as NFTs gain incrementing popularity ecumenical. There are numerous world-renowned music artists utilizing NFTs to engage with their fans in incipient and innovative ways. Supplementally, more minute engenderers are experimenting with the technology and utilizing it as an incipient medium to monetize their craft. Who Are The Top NFT Musician?

Below we briefly optically canvass the top NFT musicians and how they’re driving the space forward.


3LAU is a renowned DJ and engenderer who has been one of the early movers and proponents of the NFT space, having sold his first digital collectible in 2020. In 2021, he ran a massive campaign to sell his Ultraviolet accumulation for $11.7 million, comprising of 33 different NFTs that included a special edition vinyl copy, digital replicas of unreleased musical compositions, and a custom-made musical composition which was engendered with ingenious inputs from the buyer himself.

He withal relinquished a subsequent drop with famous digital artist Slime Sunday and is still maintaining an active role in the music NFT community. He is one of the progenitors of the Royal – a rialto that deals with granting royalty rights from musicians’ music to token owners.


Grimes, the Canadian singer, engenderer, and digital artist, has been one of the early vocal adherents of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, so it hasn’t been a surprise for the community to visually perceive a 2021 relinquishment of the WarNympth Accumulation that sold on Nifty Gateway for $5.8 million. Since then, Grimes has withal been an active and vocal adherent of the developments in the world of music NFTs. Who Are The Top NFT Musician?

Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki, a 2X Grammy-nominated DJ and engenderer, has withal been very alacritous to popularize NFTs over the last number of years. He has verbally expressed numerous times that he makes more mazuma from NFTs than from streaming royalties, and has worked with digital artists such as Atoni Tudisco and Jason Ebeyer, selling his Dream Catcher amassment for $4.25 million.

The accumulation itself was composed of immersive audiovisuals circumscribed to 11 unique works. Since the sale of these NFTs, Steve has been an active collector and even paused a gig to show the crowd his recent purchase of a digital NFT of a pink alien from the Doodles accumulation.

Imogen Heap

She advocated for utilizing blockchain to address the music industry’s issues as far back as 2016. An early backer of Ethereum, she is withal now active in the space of music NFTs, having relinquished an amassment of six audiovisual tokens that withal offer a set of live recordings from a live online jam session. She has utilized most of the proceeds from the sale to donate to environmental charity and offset the carbon footprint of the deal.

Kings of Leon

In 2021, the Kings of Leon, a legendary Nashville rock band, became the first music artists to do a simultaneous drop of an album on streaming accommodations, as well as an NFT bundle. “When You Optically discern Yourself” was an amassment consisting of three tokens that included unique and exclusive versions of the album on vinyl, digital artworks, and a lifetime concert pass to their exhibition. After selling the accumulation for $2 million, the band has been active in promoting blockchain technology in music. Who Are The Top NFT Musician?


VÉRITÉ is a Brooklyn-predicated singer and independent music artist. Who is genuinely a prominent presence in the world of music NFTs. Since that moment, VÉRITÉ has been a frequent engenderer of NFTs, especially on platforms like Catalogue and


Latasha is a singer and rapper who is an astronomically immense advocate and adherent of blockchain and music NFTs. She has been one of the first artists to mint her music video. To a musical composition GOGO WYNE as an exclusive NFT, selling it for $50,000. Since the relinquishment, she has been a vocal proponent of the advances in music tech. And currently spends her time on onboarding and inculcation in the music decentralization space.

Mike Casey

Mike Casey is a jazz saxophonist and engenderer kenned for his cutting before edge. Sound and a fusion of jazz with other modern genres. He is one of the frontrunners of the NFT space within a more niche before music genre family. Having relinquished several amassments on OpenSea. These accumulations consisted of audiovisual before album artwork NFTs, music videos, and unreleased album digital artworks. Who Are The Top NFT Musician?

Panther Modern

He is all about edifying people how to work before with NFTs. And after being before dissatisfied with the income from Spotify. He decided to sell music NFTs, which has proved to be a before viable source of income.